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Before choosing a search partner it is important that companies are comfortable with the search and selection process. If your search partner is relying exclusively on the Internet or an existing database that may be stale, it is highly unlikely that you will be accessing the best talent available.

DJV Associates uses a wide combination of sources which include personal contacts, industry resources, referrals from trusted industry leaders as well as select publicly available information sources (directories and internet resources). We then refine and qualify each and every candidate to the client's specific functional needs and operating environment.

As an example, DJV Associates utilizes the following process in its "Priority Search" offering--a premium service.

Step 1. Needs Analysis
A detailed job order will be taken before the search commences. This will include more than just a job description, salary range and a skill set wish list. We will ask questions about company culture, personality profile, and background of successful sales staff, success criteria, potential obstacles and much more.

Step 2. Strategic Planning
Jointly, we will develop a plan for how we present the opportunity to the marketplace. This prevents the problem of multiple recruiters "pitching" your job to a limited candidate pool. This approach will reduce candidate confusion.

Step 3. Research Companies and Candidates
We will work with you to develop a comprehensive list of companies that we feel may currently employ the type of individuals you want on your team. We will review the list and add any that you think may have been overlooked or delete firms that are your customers or channel partners. We will then use a combination of our own extensive network, our proprietary database as well as a mix of publicly available resources to identify a target candidate pool.

Step 4. In-Depth Candidate Interviews
Typically, we will use a variety of methods to narrow the field among both passive and active candidates. On a typical search, we might make contact with 50-100 candidates on a confidential basis and conduct formal interviews with a select number. These prospects will be thoroughly screened and sold the opportunity.

Step 5. Present Qualified Candidates
A short list of 3-5 candidates will be presented to you that meet your profile and should accept the job if it is offered to them. We review each candidate with the client, evaluating qualifications and potential. Only then do we schedule interviews with the client's management team. If needed, we will assist the client in scheduling and monitoring the interview process. After the interview, we continue our role as staffing partner; analyzing the results in terms of commitment, offer, feedback, follow-up and other considerations.

Step 6. Candidate Preparation
Each candidate will be thoroughly prepared on your company, culture, position, background requirements, success criteria, etc. This will save time and allow you and them to get down to business and discuss your opportunity and the potential match.

Step 7. Client Company Preparation
You will receive detailed information regarding each candidate's background and qualifications. Prior to the interview we will share with you all of the information that you cannot find on a resume so you can really dig into each candidate and determine if he or she are a match.

Step 8. Candidate Debrief
After each interview we will take the candidates temperature to confirm that they are still interested in moving forward or release them from the process. Additionally, we will gather whatever questions they have that may not have been answered during the interview.

Step 9. Client Company Debrief
After each interview we will debrief with each hiring manager to confirm feedback and make sure all potential decision makers are on the same page. Additionally, we will determine what questions remain unanswered so the process can continue with the best candidate.

Step 10. Reference Checks
We will conduct formal reference checks, contacting former employers and co-workers. We do this to confirm that the candidate is who and what they claim to be.

Step 11. Negotiating the Offer
Once the client has decided on the right candidate, either the client can make the offer, or we can assist the client during this critical stage. Our services include helping mediate salary, starting date, relocation and benefits. We also help the candidate follow through on both resigning and dealing with counteroffers.

Step 12. Counter-Offer Consulting
Before you extend an offer, we will consult with the candidate to confirm that they will accept the offer and not be seduced by a counter-offer or shop your offer.

Step 13. Make Offer and Close
The offer can come from you, the Client Company or us. If we make the offer our goal is to get a commitment and signature within 24 hours so that client firms are not left hanging. If the client firm wants to make the offer we will pave the way and participate in the closing process.

Step 14. Client and New Hire Follow-Up
We are committed to staying in touch. Our experience tells us that if there is a problem it usually occurs in the first 90 days. We will stay in touch with the Client Company and new hire to identify any potential problems and resolve them or replace the candidate.